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Tension, Stress, Conflict, Sadness, Life Changes...

Very often we find ourselves in relationships having the same arguments all the
time. Sometimes we find ourselves hurt like we have been before and cannot
understand why it hurts so bad...

Patterns, old and pain, unresolved issues that keep us stuck in the same
place at times. Never having seen healthy ways of communicating, do not get the
result we want. Teen years can feel so daunting and overwhelming, not just for
teenagers but for us, as their parents and loved ones...

So many of us go through these challenges at various stages of our lives, with
work, personal and professional relationships and children. Some of these
challenges can seem daunting and overwhelming, dragging us

I have extensive experience with young children, and anxiety, depression, separation and abandonment. I work with teens struggling with low grades, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, issues, fitting in a new culture and environment, family and marital conflicts, behavior problems, eating disorder

I provide on relationship issues, with couples, such as intimacy, communication, parenting, infidelity and other conflicts. I work closely with you to identify the problems and provide a workable solution to different struggles.

I provide with a willingness to be direct and honest with my clients. I use an integrated therapeutic approach involving cognitive behavioral, family systems, existential, spiritual and humanistic approaches.

I provide:

  • Individual Therapy                                    
  • Family Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Couples/Marital Therapy 

Modalities / Techniques used include:

 Behavior Therapy, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Short Term Brief Therapy, Parenting Skills Training, Psychodynamic Therapy and Play Therapy

Areas of Expertise: 

Couples and Relationship Issues,  Stress Management, Workplace Issues, ADHD & ADD in Adults and Children,  Behavior and Mood Problems for Children, Teens and Adolescents, Anger Management, Bereavement/Grief/Loss, Intimacy Issues, Learning Disabilities, Parenting Issues, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse-Children and Adult Survivors.
Convenient Location:

My office is located in central Fremont close to the Fremont Main Library and across from Lake Elizabeth. My office is wheelchair accessible, and my office complex has ample free parking.
Multiple Languages:

I provide services in English as well as three Indian languages (Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi).
Call me today for a FREE initial phone consultation
(510) 612-6471

An initial fifteen-minute phone consultation is free and gives us a both a chance to evaluate the fit and chemistry between the therapist and client.

Shalini Dayal, MS, MFT License # 43574


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